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Publish date: Mar 29, 2011

Division II plans Advanced Leadership Institute for FARs in October

By David Pickle

For Division II faculty athletics representatives, one good Institute deserves another.

The success of six FAR Fellows Institutes has left Division II faculty reps asking for more. As a result, the first FAR Advanced Leadership Institute will be conducted Oct. 14-16 in Indianapolis. The nomination process opened recently and will continue through June 15.

The original FAR Fellows Institute has been among Division II’s most successful initiatives. The Institutes have provided extensive professional development for 132 Division II faculty representatives, directly supporting Goal Two of Division II’s strategic plan.

Having benefited so much from the original program, faculty representatives examined what could be done to extend instruction beyond the introductory level. Mount Olive’s Brenda Cates led a working group that developed the following purpose for an Advanced Leadership Institute:

“To expand and continue the education of Division II FAR Fellows through an intensive and interactive process designed to further enhance their leadership skills. Through intense discussions with other Division II FAR leaders, the FAR Fellows participating in the Advanced Leadership Institute will be able to build on their individual duties as FARs and increase the visibility of the role of FARs while also creating an expanded network of professionals representing the voice of Division II FARs and developing tools and resources that may be used by the Division II membership.”

The four members of the working group will represent their conferences (California Collegiate, Conference Carolinas, Great Lakes Valley and Lone Star), leaving 12 vacancies for the first class. Each remaining Division II commissioner, in consultation with league presidents and FARs, has been asked to nominate one FAR Fellow for the Advanced Leadership Institute. The selections should be announced by mid-July. Their expenses to attend the event will be covered by a special NCAA grant.

A web page has been developed that provides details regarding the nominations process, including criteria, desired outcomes and the nominations form. Each nominated FAR Fellow is expected to complete the form. Conference commissioners also are to complete a statement of endorsement for nominees; that form may be found on the same web page.