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2013-14 Rules Interpretations (Posted 12/5/13)
Pole Vault Box Padding Rule Clarification (Posted 10/18/13)
2014 NCAA Track and Field Championships Qualifying Criteria (Posted 9/10/13)
Indoor Track Facility Indexing Conversion Summary (Posted 9/10/13)
Pole Vault Box Collar Padding Approved Rule Change (Posted 3/25/13)
2013 and 2014 Major Rules Changes (Posted 8/17/12)
2012-13 Interpretations (Posted 5/9/13)
2011-12 Interpretations
2010-11 Interpretations
Case Book
Explanation of Scratches, Did Not Start, Failure to Participate and Honest Effort (Posted 5/29/13)
Altitude adjustments (Posted 11/7/11)
Altitude Converter (Posted 10/9/11)

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