Ice Hockey Rules of the Game

Rules of the Game

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Officials' Signals (Posted 10/3/12)
How do I become an official?

Data Sources

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Ice Hockey Scoresheet (PDF)


2012-13 Women's Preseason Video (Posted 10/9/12)
2012-13 Preseason Video (Posted 9/13/12)
2010-11 NCAA Championships Video Replay Review (Posted 3/18/11)
2010-11 NCAA Ice Hockey Midseason Video (Posted 1/19/11)
2010-11 NCAA Women's Ice Hockey Video Supplement (Posted 11/12/10)
2010-11 Preseason Video **New** (Posted 8/27/10)
2010 Women's Ice Hockey Reinforcement Video  (Posted 3/11/10)
2010 Men's Ice Hockey Rules Reinforcement  (Posted 3/10/10)
2009-10 Ice Hockey Rules and Officiating Video (Posted 9/9/09)
2008-09 Men's Ice Hockey Midseason Update Video




Rules Participation

What is a playing rule?
How to propose a rules change


Guidance on Use of Video Replay to Correct an Error (Posted 11/21/13)
Clarification on Use of Video Replay to Correct an Error (Posted 11/15/13)
Statistical Reporting Reminder (Posted 11/14/13)
2013-14 Preseason Guidance Memo (Posted 10/3/13)
2013-14 Ice Hockey Rules Committee Directive (Posted 9/23/13)
Use of Video Replay to Correct an Error (Posted 7/5/13)
Ice Hockey Rules Committee Emphasizes Student-Athlete Safety, Seeks to Align Rules Enforcement with NHL (Posted 6/22/13)
High Stick and Hand Pass of Puck by Attacking Player Directly Off Goalkeeper (Posted 10/24/12)
Exhibition Game Correction and Reminder (Posted 10/9/12)
Men's Ice Hockey Visor Update (Posted 10/4/12)
2012-13 Ice Hockey Major Rules Changes (Posted 6/28/12)
Ice Hockey Rules Committee to examine three-quarter face shields (Posted 6/8/12)
Icing Reminders Memo (posted 2/17/12)


2013-14 Men's Preseason Video (Posted 9/10/13)
2013-14 Women's Preseason Video (Posted 9/10/13)
2011 Men's Ice Hockey Rules Video (Posted 9/6/11)
2011 Women's Ice Hockey Rules Video (Posted 9/6/11)

Rules Committee

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How to apply for the committee - Coaches and administrators make up the committee. If you are interested in serving, please select the link above to learn more about applying to be on a rules committee.
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