Competition. Fair play. Sportsmanship.

The NCAA conducts 89 national championships in 23 sports. Competition is conducted in Divisions I, II and III, with 44 championships administered for women and 42 for men. Three are coed.

In administering championships, the NCAA strives to:

  • Ensure student-athletes’ optimal experience.
  • Reflect appropriate quality and values for stakeholders, including student-athletes, administrators, member institutions, coaches, fans, broadcast partners, corporate champions/partners and sport committees.
  • Coordinate all aspects of championships efficiently and effectively.
  • Enhance the experience through youth clinics, community programs, fan events, banquets, anniversaries and other similar events.


May is a busy Month

March gets a lot of attention, but May is actually the busiest NCAA Championship month with 26 championships.

Championships and Alliances

The success of the NCAA championships program relies heavily on coaches and administrators from NCAA member schools who volunteer to serve on NCAA sport and playing rules committees. NCAA corporate and broadcast partners provide financial support and visibility. Every year, almost 50,000 student-athletes participate in NCAA championships in all three membership divisions.