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Publish date: Feb 18, 2011

Get it right on NCAA Eligibility Center facts

Greg Tyler’s recent post on the Sports Digest blog about the NCAA Eligibility Center is filled with inaccuracies. While Tyler is free to opine about how well known the Eligibility Center may be at his own journalistic peril, he is not free to play fast and loose with such basic facts as the previous name of the Eligibility Center, when the name was changed, how many people work at the Eligibility Center and which athletes must be certified. 

One could also suppose he may not have been so cavalier in writing about undue delays had he known more than 95 percent of the 85,000 athletes who are certified are  approved within five business days of submitting the necessary documentation. No doubt he would also be surprised to know 92 percent of membership has said the Eligibility Center is meeting or exceeding expectations.

For those who want a more accurate picture of the NCAA Eligibility Center, click here.