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Publish date: Mar 13, 2013

Basketball Distribution Fund

 The basketball fund provides for moneys to be distributed to Division I conferences based on their performance in the Division I Men’s Basketball Championship over a six-year rolling period (for the period 2007-2012 for the 2012-13 distribution). Independent institutions receive a full unit share based on its tournament participation over the same rolling six-year period. The basketball fund payments are sent to conferences and independent institutions in mid-April each year. 

If a new member participates in the Division I men’s basketball championship in March-April 2013, the units for participating will be included in the Basketball Distribution sent April 2014. 

One unit is awarded to each institution participating in each game, except the championship game. In 2011-12, each basketball unit was approximately $242,200 for a total $184.1 million distribution. 

In 2012-13, each basketball unit will be approximately $245,500 for a total $188.3 million distribution. 

For the purpose of distributing the basketball fund, a conference is defined as one that comprises at least six member institutions that have been classified in Division I for the eight preceding academic years. If a conference falls below the six-member requirement, the basketball fund moneys are retained by the conference for a